croatoan6000 (croatoan6000) wrote in slythindor_hd,

One-shot gift post 8 - The One That Got Away

Number 8 in my gift!fic series - this one's for nimue_8. Hope you like it!

Title – The One That Got Away


Rating – PG-13

Genre – One-shot

Pairing – H/D

Words – 5,646

Warnings – language

Summary – Draco wanders into a Muggle theatre one night, and is astonished to find his old school nemesis, Harry Potter, taking the lead role in Hamlet. It is the start of a dynamic and inspiring creative relationship between the two men, but Draco never suspects that it could be so much more.

Prompts – Harry acting in a Muggle play, Draco as an artist, volatile, creative relationship.

Disclaimer – I don’t own the boys, they belong to Ms Rowling. Done for fun, not profit!

The One That Got Away
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