croatoan6000 (croatoan6000) wrote in slythindor_hd,

One-shot gifts - post 6

I'm getting through them! This one is written for ashleystown

Title – The Confession


Rating – R

Genre – One-shot

Pairing – H/D

Words – 3,308

Warnings – Dark!Fic, violence, angst, character death (not Harry or Draco)

Summary – Ginny is dead, and both Harry and Draco know a little more than they're letting on.

Prompts – Song-fic based on The Killers' 'Jenny Was a Friend of Mine', Ginny dies, Draco is an Auror and interrogates Harry. It tuns out they conspired to kill her. (The final version turned out slightly differently from this, but I hope you like it anyway!)

Disclaimer – I don’t own the boys, they belong to Ms Rowling. Done for fun, not profit!

This was my first attempt at writing a dark!fic. Hopefully you all think I've done an okay job!

The Confession

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