croatoan6000 (croatoan6000) wrote in slythindor_hd,

One-shot requests - post 2!

A few weeks ago, I asked over on harrydracowhether anyone would like me to write them a one-shot, and what they wanted it to be about. I got lots of exciting responses, and I've finally had time to get on with it! Here is my second offering, for the lovely hazel_wand, who wanted a fic where the boys are colleagues. Hope you like it ^___^

Title – Selective Memory

Rating – PG-13

Genre – One-shot

Pairing – H/D

Words – 4,150

Warnings – Mild violence, sexual references

Summary – Harry and Draco have been working well together as Aurors for some time now. Until something happened last week. But Harry is NOT going to think about that...

Prompts – Colleagues

Disclaimer – I don’t own the boys, they belong to Ms Rowling. Done for fun, not profit!


Selective Memory
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