flowersforghost (flowersforghost) wrote in slythindor_hd,

harry/draco roleplay;

Not sure if this allowed to be posted here, didn't see any rules of any sort but if this is completely not allowed then, please, by all means, delete it.  However, if it is appropriate, I'm looking for a role playing partner.  Slash, of course. Harry/Draco, of course. : )  It's relatively hard to find any good role-playing these days so I figured I'd give livejournal a try.  What I'm looking for is a long-term role play and a 'serious' one.  Serious, I guess, meaning correct grammer/spelling, substance to posts, something I can respond to, at least three or four paragraphs, though less if they're good, you know?  I'm itching to do either a futuristic role play or, if you're game, an alternate universe type. Also, I'd like to play Harry.  One last thing, I've made a proboards account for it.  A signature is not required, though it's nice.

So, if anybody is interested, please do respond.

I apologize deeply if this type of thing isn't allowed here.
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